ATM Burswood Development Master Plan

Australia Treasury Management has made a number of acquisitions and are negotiating for other sites in proximity to the 7-9 Riversdale project.

All sites have been earmarked for high density development within the Burwood Peninsular District Structure Plan, which was endorsed by the Western Australia Planning Commission in February 2015 to create an attractive, vibrant and sustainable urban setting, with a diverse mix of housing, recreation, entertainment, tourism and employment opportunities.

The importance of Burswood Peninsula as a Metropolitan Attractor is set to be further enhanced with construction of the new Perth Stadium, creation of high density transit oriented neighbourhoods at Belmont Park and Burswood Station, and expansion of the existing parkland to include a range of active and passive recreational opportunities.

Award winning, international architects Hassell were engaged by Australia Treasury Management and prepared a Master Plan for the precinct development, to demonstrate the overall development potential in accordance with the approved District Structure Plan.